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Pre form fill

Client Checklist

Owner Details:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
Are the pets traveling with the owner, agent or a carrier?
If not traveling with the owner:
  • Full name of person travelling with pet(s)
  • Name of the pet transport company if applicable
  • A letter from the owner authorising the person or carrier to transport their pet(s)
  • Evidence that the owner will be reunited with your pet(s) within 5 days of traveling eg. proof of plane tickets
Travel plans:
  • Point of entry into the EU
  • Date of entry into the EU
  • Any plans to go outside the EU?
If pet(s) are travelling by air:
  • Does the airline require a “Fit to Fly” certificate?
  • If there are any transit stops, contact the airline to find out where the paperwork is being checked -in transit or at the final destination?
Pet details:
  • species
  • sex
  • colour
  • breed
  • date of birth
Supporting evidence:
  • Rabies vaccination card with microchip visible AND/OR a previously issued UK or EU pet passport with a valid rabies vaccination recorded
  • Speak to your vet if aren't sure what documents to bring

Post form fill

AHC checklist

Once the AHC is finished, use this checklist to make sure everything is done (applicable to AHC with <5 pets all vaccinated):
  • I.2. Certificate number assigned and marked off on control sheet
  • I.4. APHA
  • I.1. Consignor details
  • I.5. Consignee details
  • I.18. Pet dog/cat/ferret
  • I.20. Number of pets
  • I.25. Commodity Checkbox is crossed
  • I.28 Pet ID (matches supporting evidence)
  • II.1. Leave first paragraph then cross outs as appropriate: owner/ agent/ carrier
  • II.2. Leave paragraph <5 animals; cross out next 3 paragraphs
  • II.3. Cross out 4 paragraphs; Leave paragraph >12w old
  • II.3.1. Leave first paragraph that says animals come from a third country listed Annex II then cross out the next one that refers to transit outside of Annex II
  • II. Table: Vaccination info filled in
  • Date of microchip reading on or before rabies vaccination date
  • Vaccination details match supporting evidence
  • Tapeworm paragraph cross out +- treatment signed and stamped as applicable
  • OV info - stamp and sign
  • Person travelling with pets has filled in and signed declaration
  • Written declaration crossed out in 4 places to indicate who is travelling with pet
  • Table contains microchip numbers and certificate number
  • Supporting evidence animal ID and rabies vacc for EACH pet;
  • Top of page: CERTIFIED COPY, Certificate number, date, signature, stamp
Every page has:
  • Certificate reference number
  • Page number
  • Signature
  • Stamp
  • Every alteration (apart from empty boxes) is stamped and initialed
  • Copy filed for records with certified copies of supporting evidence eg. pedigree, letter of authorisation
  • Give the original to the owner
OVForm AHC Checker is to be used at your own risk! We will not be held liable for any problems that result from its use.
If you are not sure about any aspect of completing an AHC please contact:
APHA: [email protected]
Notes for Guidance for AHC’s
Sample AHC available on the Improve International OV course for Companion Animals Module 5: Export from GB to EU
Click here to download the checklist.