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It's getting hot!

August 2022

It’s getting hot in here!

I hope you’re all enjoying sending lots of pets on holiday with their AHCs…. which are quick and simple now that you’re using OVForm, so you have more time to savour the sunshine too, right?

We’re amazed to see how many people travel to the EU with their pets, and hope you get some well-deserved time off too!

Without further ado, here’s the latest news from the world of OVForm and AHCs…


Surge in AHC demand in July

Wow it’s been busy! We saw 8 times as many AHCs being issued using OVForm compared with April!

This was in part due to twice as many vets using OVForm since April.

have noticed that a lot of vets find out about us via word of mouth. We love helping vets with their AHCs so thank you for telling your colleagues about us. 
And now, a word from your sponsors…

We’re excited to be sponsoring the OV Conference in September!

Did you know it’s online? That means you can attend from anywhere.

The programme is looking great, with some very interesting and useful lectures, particularly on the first day. We hope to see you there. As always we will be paying close attention and report back if there are any changes in the APHA’s advice for completing AHCs.

OVForm Fixings

We have added space for a stamp to page 2 of the AHCs on OVForm – you’ll see it where "veterinarian authorised by the competent authority" is crossed out.

In our opinion this doesn't strictly need a stamp, but the training page has one so we want to avoid confusion.
From AHC to EHC

Now that we’ve seen all the benefits of digital AHCs in action, we want to find out if we can do the same with EHCs –
Export Health Certificates.

OVs in the UK filled out around 300,000 EHCs in 2021 alone, and that number is growing fast as they’re needed for every export of livestock and animal-related products.

If your practice use a lot of EHCs, we’d love to chat! Imagine a fully optimised, automated EHC that’s customised to suit you and improve your workflow…

What you told us

We sent out a survey a little while ago, and as always it was fantastic to hear your feedback and comments!

The most important stats, in our opinion:
· Nearly 60% of respondents saved 20-60 minutes per form
· 6 out of 7 found it very easy to use
· 100% would recommend to other vets

This makes us super-happy, and we look forward to making OVForm even more efficient for you, and helping many more OVs save time and reduce stress. We’ll keep you posted on any further results that come through, and please feel free to get in touch any time if you have any comments or questions.

New News Section

We’re always working out ways to make our website and software more practical and user-friendly, and the latest addition is a news and blog section.

You’ll find AHC news and updates, information about OVForm and any new features or changes, and plenty of other information we think will be relevant and useful to you.

Take a look on