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Changes to the APHA Notes for guidance.

The Notes for Guidance have recently been updated and there are some important changes regarding the written declaration.

The NFG released in September 2021, stated that the person travelling with the pet must sign the written declaration. The update states that either the owner or the natural person authorised by the owner should sign the written declaration. So if the pet is travelling with a carrier then the carrier does not need to come in to sign the AHC. 

We have updated our cross outs on the written declaration so that they match those applied by the APHA form checkboxes. 

On the last page of the OVForm webform, we have added a question “Who will be signing the AHC?”. If the pets are travelling with the owner or a carrier then this will be set to the owner signing. If the pets are travelling with an authorised person, then either the owner or the authorised person can sign.

We have changed the term 'Agent' to 'Authorised person' to avoid confusion.

To summarise. 
  • If the owner is travelling with the pet, the owner signs. 
  • If an authorised person is travelling with the pet the owner or authorised person can sign. 
  • If the pet is travelling with a carrier then the owner signs. 

The guidance does change from time to time and we are going to be following the advice from the APHA closely. If you have any feedback regarding our update please email us at [email protected].

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