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OVForm Chat - June

Welcome to summer! Are you and your AHCs ready?

Richard and I recently took a trip to South Africa, where we also visited Stephen who does the OVForm web design. It was the first time in three years that all three OVForm founders were on the same place. Now we’re back, filled with inspiration! We’ve been working away at new features and making OVForm even more efficient to help you save time and enjoy your work.
Have fun in the sunshine… and do let us know how your AHCs are going.
—Mary-Anne & the OVForm team

Security Upgrade

We have added 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for more secure logins. You can now link a device to your account so that even if your password is hacked, nobody can access your account without a code. Follow the simple steps here.

This is becoming a security must-have on platforms from social media to accounting software, and it adds yet another element of relaxation to your business.

Adding Tapeworm Treatment

OVForm will automatically add tapeworm treatment details for countries that require it, but if the pet’s first stop doesn’t require tapeworm treatment and the second stop does, you can now add it in manually. Check our Help section for full details.

Payment Options: You Asked, We're Making It Happen

We have had a few requests for online payment options besides credit cards, so we’re adding a bank transfer payment option – soon you'll be able to use your banking details and pay electronically on invoice. Easy!

You've Been Busy Too

Our OVForm vets have issued over 350 certificates so far this year, with a total saving of over 175 hours! What did you do with your extra time? We hope it was something you enjoyed.

Holidays are on the way…


Congrats To Our Prizewinners

Our competition for the most AHCs issued in April ended in a 3-way tie!
Well done to Aireworth Vets, Forest Vets Epping, and Medivet Temple Fortune.
Hope you enjoyed your posh biscuits 😊

Win Even More!

Our next competition will be the Golden Stamp Award. This will go to the vet who signs the most AHCs between 1 June and 31 December 2022. Get clicking and make those AHCs work for you!
Show me the honey!
We sent out a Feedback survey last week and we received some very helpful suggestions. OVForm has a brilliant development team so nearly anything is possible but what we end up doing will be guided by your feedback.

This week we have been harvesting honey from our very own bees so we can "sweeten" the deal. Send us feedback and we'll enter your name into a draw and send one lucky OV a jar of very limited edition OVForm honey! If you haven't had a chance to send us feedback please click here so you can do the survey.

Remember you can send us your thoughts anytime, whether it’s questions, comments, feedback, or a helpful bit of advice for your fellow OVs, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on [email protected]