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OVForm Chat - March

Welcome to the very first edition of OV Chat.

Thanks for signing up, and for those of you already using OVForm, we hope it’s saving you tons of time and helping you focus on the work you love.OV Chat is about working smarter and sharing tips that make OV life even better – we’d love to hear what you think and feature your bright ideas too, so get in touch any time!
— Mary-Anne & the OVForm team

AHC News

How many AHCs did you fill out this month? How long did it take you?OVs tend to spend around an hour on each AHC, and they’re becoming more common now that EU travel is opening up.OVForm users report that they’re saving 20-30 minutes per AHC. That’s brilliant! If you do 10 AHCs per month, that means you could be saving 5 hours!We have a new and improved AHC checker for you to use. Get it here and feel free to share with friends and colleagues.

AHC Q&A; What do I do if a client cancels their AHC but I already used a credit on OV Form?

A: Don’t worry, you can go back, edit all the info, and re-use the AHC for another client. Just make sure you change ALL the details! You’ll find a full how-to on our help page.

Recently added to OVForm: Searchable knowledge base and chat support.

If you get stuck you can use the search option to check if there is a solution in the Help sections and Guides. If that doesn't have the answers you can now send us a message on the chat and we'll get back to you surprisingly fast!

Star Traveller
Where have your AHC customers been travelling to? One of our favourites has been this Dachshund who went to Germany to visit his cousins. Prost!

Fantastic Feedback

Thanks o much for all the amazing comments we have received – we’ll be sharing them on social media soon.Your feedback is also helping us to make OVForm better every day. If you spot anything that needs fixing, even if it’s a tiny detail, we really do want to know.

Are you weathering the storm?

The Independent recently reported something we OVs are all too aware of – a “perfect storm” of staff shortages along with a huge increase in the number of pets per family thanks to lockdown. Some practices have seen a 75% rise in cases, compared with two years ago (pre-covid).For us, time management has been absolutely critical to staying sane. That includes things like AHC forms, which are causing even more hassle because they’re new, and the number of requests is also increasing fast. This is why OVForm was created, and we’re so happy to see that it’s already helping.Have you felt the pinch in your practice, and how are you handling it?BSAVA 2022We’re really looking forward to BSAVA. Jesse Gillon from the VDS and Gretta Hitchcock from the APHA will be speaking in the Exhibition Theatre on Friday 25th of March at 11am and 3pm about Animal Health Certificates. Hope to see you there!

Winning with AHCs

It’s challenge time! The Branch that completes the most AHCs by 30th of April will win the Golden Stamp Award and some posh biscuits to supplement your brews.  What’s on your mind? Whether it’s questions, comments, feedback, or a helpful bit of advice for your fellow OVs, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on [email protected]